AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and has nothing to do with robots taking over the world. It is primarily software that processes photos of poor quality or from before everything was digitized. The technology can clean up old images and make the colors clear and vibrant. Actually, the program "reads" your image and converts it to pixels. When the image is "translated" into pixels, the computer can "communicate" with it. First of all, the number of pixels is scaled up, this gives the image more depth, sharpness and nuance. The more pixels, the more nuances or details.
The software removes "noise" or blurs in the image and replaces them with colored pixels that match the tone or continue the line that runs through the image. It's pretty amazing, it also creates natural shadow effects where it fits into the original image. Best of all, your image won't be altered or unrecognizable. Your photo looks like "itself" just in the best possible version of itself in terms of color, light and sharpness.

Upscale Pixels

IMGL6717 1 1.jpg IMGL6717 1 2 denoise denoise.jpg

Fix The Out of Focus

OI5A6709 blur2 OI5A6709 sharp2

Noise Removal

Hong Kong Noice 1.jpg Hong Kong fixed 1.jpg

Highlight your memories

8 1.jpg 8 new2