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NordicGolfers.com and AirView Denmark expand media partnership

and creates innovative and forward-thinking marketing in the golf travel industry.

Jess Krejlskov Mogens thomsen Handshake on the new partnership

The new partnership stems from a good collaboration over the last 5 years between Jess Krelskov and Christian Mathisen from NordicGolfers.com and Mogens Thomsen from Airview Denmark. Here, the development of a magazine, exhibition stand and media packages for selected golf courses has shown the way forward, and the two companies are now joining forces on a completely new method of marketing golf travel.

With the new expanded collaboration with Airview Denmark, we can offer our golf partners media coverage and marketing to our more than 50,000 annual golf guests in a completely new way. - Says Jess Krelskov and adds NordicGolfers.com as a brand will also be developed in a new direction in this expanded media partnership with Airview Denmark. The methods and professional approach we have experienced at Airview Denmark until now will be available to everyone in our golf world. We want to be the golf guest's preferred travel provider and Christian and I are passionate about the sport of golf.

NordicGolfers.com has +21,000 followers on Facebook and more than 250,000 visits to the website each year, making the company a significant provider of golf experiences to more than 30 countries around the world. With more than 30 years of experience and a passion for the sport of golf, Jess Krelskov & Christian Matthiasen and their team have built a unique golf universe digitally and through partnerships with +800 golf courses/resorts.

News such as course visits, news from the travel industry and destination info are becoming more and more important in golfers' requests for information before booking a trip. And the communication of this is significantly strengthened by Airview Denmark dedicating their skilled employees to work with media coverage for Nordic golfers and the golf partners who want it.

We have a production company and media agency in place that has worked with branding in the golf industry for a number of years. We have gradually realized that our collaboration with NordicGolfers.com is based on the same values and desire to do things right. Airview Denmark's method of communicating the golf story has created value for golfers and golf courses for a number of years and will now become part of NordicGolfers.com's branding and offerings to their golf partners and to the delight of the many who travel on golf vacations with Jess and Christian - says Mogens Thomsen CEO Airview Denmark.

NordicGolfers.com and Airview Denmark will together become a new significant player in the golf travel industry and the future is about continuing and expanding the opportunities golf partners must have to attract golf travelers. And an innovative and innovative golf universe for the many golfers who visit/travel with Nordic golfers every day. The good golf story will be at the heart of the new collaboration between the parties.

Mogens Thomsen works from the Spain office press photo

Nordic Golfens & Airview Denmark have created a partnership that creates value for the golf industry across Europe. Presentation and visualization of the golf experience offered by golf courses and golf hotels/resorts is a crucial element when golf tourists are choosing which trip to purchase. 

Content for the digital media universe and for NordicGolfers.com's large social media following is created by Airview Denmark's experts in golf travel profiling. Contact us for more information Selected golf projects can be found here: Visit NordicGolfers.com here: Airview Denmark is a media partner with NordicGolfers.com and produces news and marketing assignments specifically targeted at the golf travel industry. 

Airview Denmark has Europe as its primary production area. Airview Asia is our division in Thailand working in the Middle East and Asia.